Dadi plays cute cupid for Shivika in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz: New twists mark beginning of fresh love tale

Shivay tells everyone about Tia’s kidnapping. Oberoi family gets sympathy for her. They all sit to discuss what to do now. Jhanvi and Dadi side with Anika, as Shivay has married her. Pinky has a soft corner for Tia. Shivay asks them what is their confusion.

Omkara asks Shivay what will he tell the press, whom did he marry, Tia or Anika. Shivay denies marrying Anika. He tells them that he has married Tia as everyone assumes. Dadi asks him not to neglect the truth. Shivay says I was helpless to marry Anika, I don’t believe in the marriage. Dadi scolds Shivay about being ignorant about the value of marriage. She asks him to differentiate between marriage and deal. Dadi tells heavy dialogues about mangalsutra, sindoor and marriage. Shivay tells Dadi that he has to keep his promise to Tia.

Dadi reminds him about his marriage vows given to Anika. Shivay does not understand the marriage importance. Shivay asks Dadi to let him decide for his life. Dadi asks him how will he decide about Anika, even she got married. She tries to know what Anika thinks about the marriage. Dadi asks Shivay to get Anika back home. He refuses. He tells them that Anika does not accept this marriage. He decides to pay Anika a big price to help her in securing her future. Dadi and Omkara get much disappointed seeing Shivay turning into a big businessman, to buy relations now. Dadi tells Shivay that he is mistaken that he is too rich to buy relations. She asks Shivay to think of Priyanka and value women. Shivay gets angry thinking of bad happening with Priyanka.

Shivay has lost faith in Anika after Daksh’s incident. He talks of Anika by disrespect. Dadi asks what price will he pay for the sindoor and mangalsutra. She tells Shivay that he can never pay a woman to buy her sindoor. Dadi shows him the truth mirror. Tej agrees with Dadi. Pinky argue with Tej for showing sympathy for Anika. She calls Tej selfish to see his own greed in Shivay’s loss. Tej and Pinky have a heated argument over Shivay’s marriage. Pinky insults Tej over his affair. Everyone make Pinky quiet.

Jhanvi asks Shivay to decide about declaring about his wife in the reception in front of the media. Rudra and Omkara also support Anika. They ask Shivay to think well and decide. Dadi gets angry on Shivay. She takes Shivay to Anika’s house.

Bua is happy that Anika has married Shivay. She asks Anika to keep the jewelry. Anika tells Bua how Shivay humiliated her. Bua asks Anika to think for Sahil. Anika does not want to keep any jewelry. She asks Bua not to talk about the marriage. Anika tries covering up the matter from Sahil. She decides to send him to boarding school. She tries to be strong. Sahil finds her upset. Dadi comes to Anika’s place to take Anika along. Keep reading.


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