Tia wins back Oberoi tag smartly in Ishqbaaz


Dadi is upset that none is ready to accept Anika as bahu. She is sure that Shivay and Anika will accept each other as husband and wife, once they understand the meaning of marriage.

Priyanka tells Dadi that Shivay is not ready to accept Anika as his wife. Dadi plans to make Shivay to announce Anika’s name as his wife. Omkara is sure that Anika standing as Shivay’s wife will answer everyone, including Tia.

In the reception party, Anika comes as Shivay’s wife. Pinky is upset seeing Anika. She remarks they don’t even know Anika’s surname. Pinky can’t go ahead of Anika’s standard. Jhanvi worries for the media. Jhanvi and Tej are sure Shivay will smartly handle the media. Omkara hopes Shivay follows his heart today. Rudra waits for the announcement from Shivay’s side. Dadi supports Anika. She asks Anika to get her pictures clicked with Shivay, when he calls out her name. Rudra gives some tips to Anika.

Shivay makes en entry and addresses to the media to publicly introduce his wife. Shivay does not get affected by Dadi’s words and falls in Tia’s emotional trap. Dadi sends Anika to Shivay. He introduces Tia as his wife. Anika gets a big shock and feels hurt. Tia gives a jerk to Anika and goes to Shivay. Dadi finds Shivay doing a mistake again. Tia gets into her dramatic role of Shivay’s wife and gives a lovely speech to honor Shivay. She calls Shivay her prince and how they have together fought with problems.

Tia thanks Shivay for not hearing to any random people, who tried to break their pairing. She says Shivay and I are together by trust and love. Anika did not expect much from Shivay and is also unhappy with the marriage. She silently starts leaving. Tia does not leave the opportunity to pass taunts on Anika. Tia tries treating Anika as her servant and gives orders. She asks Anika to do her duty to take care of Shivay’s wife. Anika gets insulted by Tia.

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