High Five Spoilers

Tujhse Hai Raabta Bahu Begum Top 5 Spoilers

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:
Rajeev comes to meet Jaggi’s training centre and breaks the pot. He tells Jaggi that he has wrestling training centre nearby, and after Jaggi opened the centre, he has lost his customers. Rajeev threatens Jaggi to stop the centre.

He challenges Jaggi to show what he can do. Urvashi tried to stop the matter. Rajeev calls her old woman and insults her. Jaggi loses his temper and beats up Rajeev. Kokila and Gopi come there and see the fight. The police comes and arrests Jaggi. The kids ask inspector not to arrest Jaggi. Jaggi asks his students not to worry, he will be back soon. Rajeev planned everything to provoke Jaggi for the fight and get him arrested.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ishita throws a house party for Vidyut. The Bhalla family celebrate. Everyone dance in the party. Ruhi dances with Suhail. Raman compliments Ishita for her looks. Vidyut comes and gives presents to everyone. The women get glad seeing him. Mrs. Bhalla gets glad when Vidyut compliments her for looking young as Raman’s sister. Shagun and Mani come to in the party. Shagun sees Ruhi with Suhail, and points finger at Ishita’s upbringing to support Ruhi. Ishita asks Shagun who gave her right to point finger at them. taunts Shagun for leaving her husband and daughter for Vidyut. Mani hears this and gets shocked.


Rishi is hurt and talks to Malaika. He asks her to advice what to do about Tanuja. Malaika asks him to make Tanuja leave from the house. Rishi sees Tanuja sleeping and showers love and concern on her. Later, Tanuja is asked to leave the house. Tanuja looks at Rishi. Rishi also asks her to leave. Malaika pushes Tanuja from the stairs. Rishi gets shocked seeing Tanuja falling down the stairs. Malaika gets caught red-handed. Rishi scolds Malaika for pushing Tanuja and trying to kill her child. He asks Malaika does she want Tanuja to die. He gets angry on Malaika. He lifts Tanuja in arms and takes her. Tanuja’s truth will come out in hospital that she is not pregnant. Malaika’s plan will fail now.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Manish is trying hard to get Kartik free. Kartik is taken to the court for hearing. Everyone try to explain Kartik to take the confession back. Kirti talks to Kartik in lockup. Manish asks Kartik to support the truth, as he has always supported the truth. Manish’s words make Kartik fall in dilemma. Kartik is in much pain.

Naira is finding Kartik’s innocence proof. She meets Kartik’s friends and get to know that they have spiked the drink and hidden his bike keys, which make Kartik drive the car in drunken state. Naira checks the car and sees the state of the car. She realizes the car has hit the stone, but any person.


Soumya made kada for Harman. Soumya is in love with Harman. This is her mistake which makes Preeto understand Soumya again and again. Preeto slaps Soumya and is raging. She is worried for Harman. She blames Soumya for Harman’s accident. Preeto explained Soumya to be away from Harman, but Soumya did not listen. Preeti kicks out Soumya from the house. Surbhi apologizes to Preeto. Preeto scolds Soumya. She does not want Soumya to be in front of her for a moment. Surbhi manages Soumya and takes her.


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