Jaggi struggles to win Kokila’s trust in Saathiya…


Rajeev comes to meet Jaggi’s training centre and breaks the pot. He tells Jaggi that he has wrestling training centre nearby, and after Jaggi opened the centre, he has lost his customers. Rajeev threatens Jaggi to stop the centre.

He challenges Jaggi to show what he can do. Urvashi tried to stop the matter. Rajeev calls her old woman and insults her. Jaggi loses his temper and beats up Rajeev. Kokila and Gopi come there and see the fight. The police comes and arrests Jaggi. The kids ask inspector not to arrest Jaggi. Jaggi asks his students not to worry, he will be back soon. Rajeev planned everything to provoke Jaggi for the fight and get him arrested. Kokila saw them fighting and tells inspector that she is the witness, that Jaggi has raised hand on Rajeev and initiated the fight. Later, Jaggi comes back as he is innocent. He came back home. Everyone gets happy, except Kokila. Kokila is still annoyed with Jaggi. Gopi is with Jaggi and supports him. Keep reading.


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