Anika targeted by Tia’s plotting once again in Ishqbaaz

Anika's mehendi

Shivay argues with his family over accepting Anika as his wife. He tells everyone that he will marry Tia after giving divorce to Anika. He asks Dadi not to bother him now and not ask for any more explanations.

He tells everyone that Tia means everything to him. Tia tries to obtain sympathy of the family. Tia says I m a victim of this incident, as I was kidnapped, I m not at fault. She tells Dadi that she will not bear the mistake’s punishment, as she did not do any mistake. She asks Dadi to change the situation, what can she do if Shivay married Anika in her absence. Pinky melts down seeing Tia in pain. Tia tries to get Pinky on her side.

Dadi asks Anika not to leave, as she is the bahu of Oberoi family. Anika tells Dadi that Shivay did not accept her, so she can’t stay here now. Dadi asks Anika what is her answer about keeping the marriage. Dadi has known Shivay’s view on the marriage and how he has repeatedly said the same that he will not accept the marriage. Dadi asks Anika why did she not tell the same, does this mean she will keep the marriage. Anika believes in marriage and does not want to break it.

Tia acts cheap and goes to Shivay to win his love. Tia tells Shivay how everyone is annoyed with her, when she is the victim of all the incidents. Tia fools Shivay by using his emotions. Tia asks Shivay what was her mistake if she got kidnapped by his business rivals. Tia hugs Shivay and tells how much lonely she is feeling right now, as even her mom is against her now. Tia expresses love to Shivay and influences him.

Dadi feels Shivay is not smartly thinking this time. She assures Anika that she will explain Shivay to accept Anika. While Tia tries getting close to Shivay and is happy that he is not stopping her, Dadi and Anika break through their moment that stops Tia from her move. Dadi gets angry seeing Tia with Shivay.

Anika feels bad and thinks to just walk out. Anika thinks she is coming between Tia and Shivay. Dadi explains the meaning of marriage to Tia, and tells them that wedding night does not happen before the wedding. She tells Tia to leave as its Anika’s right to stay with Shivay in his room. Tia challenges Anika to do the post marriage rituals with Shivay in her presence. Tia is sure that she will fail Anika. Anika is also sure that she will win by the elders’ blessings being on her side.


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