Randhawa’s pleasant surprise for Priyanka next in Ishqbaaz


Randhawa gets angry knowing Priyanka has done his sister’s accident. Randhawa drags her along, which makes Priyanka think that he is arresting her. Priyanka requests him to let her inform Omkara at least. Randhawa does not listen to her.

Randhawa takes Priyanka with him and shows his sister. Priyanka gets a shock seeing his sister alive and fine. Randhawa told Priyanka about his sister’s accident to break up Priyanka and make her accept the crime. Omkara tries reaching Priyanka, but the latter does not answer his call. Randhawa tells Priyanka that he wanted to tell her that his sister is alive, but he just got to know it few days back. He tells her that his sister was in coma since two years, but he wanted Priyanka to admit the crime. Randhawa forced Priyanka to admit the crime to see if Priyanka regrets on her doings.

Randhawa frees Priyanka and Omkara from the accident case as he has known that Omkara and Priyanka were suffering by their guilt till now. Priyanka gets glad and guilt free that Omkara and she did not kill anyone. Priyanka and Randhawa bond by their relation of pain. Priyanka informs Omkara that Randhawa is with her, and now everything has got fine. She tells Omkara that Randhawa’s sister is alive and they did not kill her in the accident. Omkara gets a happy shock by getting free of the huge guilt on his heart. Priyanka and Omkara’s happiness gets much evident. Is Randhawa hiding any secret or motives from Oberois again? Keep reading.

Earlier in this track

Randhawa thinks Omkara is not a weak link, and he has to use Priyanka now. Randhawa meets Priyanka and returns her earring which fell in the lawn. He tries to get friendly with her. He offers lift to drop her home. He convinces her by showing his fake helpful side. Omkara calls Priyanka when she is about to tell Randhawa about the accident. Omkara asks her to come home.

Priyanka tells about Randhawa dropping her home. She says she is at old bridge where accident happened. Omkara asks her not to tell anything to Randhawa. Priyanka does not reveal any details to Randhawa. Omkara gets to know of Randhawa troubling Priyanka. She reveals Randhawa is coming college every day and insisting to drop her home. She feels Omkara was right about Randhawa.

Randhawa does not have proof against them and gets just predicting. Omkara gets a boy’s photo and asks Randhawa about the boy. Randhawa says it’s that woman’s boy whom you killed. He blames Omkara to make the boy an orphan. Omkara gets in more guilt. Omkara sinks in guilt to punish a little boy by snatching his mother. Randhawa tries to break down Omkara and Priyanka.


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