Thapki Pyaar Ki – Kosi’s truth


Kosi goes out to the Devi maa temple at night and gets scared seeing a ghost. The temple bell starts ringing. She gets shocked and tries to run away. Kosi have seen Thapki in the temple, and thinks Thapki is a ghost.

Thapki sees Kosi and takes Vaani’s avatar to go to her. Kosi runs away and collides with Vaani. Thapki has planned all this to know Kosi’s truth. Vaani asks Kosi to calm down, Thapki has died and she can never come back. Vaani asks Kosi to come to temple, else she will die by the fear. Thapki gets the call from inspector and gets to know Naman is ready to accept his crime. Thapki is trying to make Kosi admit the truth and all her crimes. Later, Kosi gets to know that Vaani is the real Thapki. She goes to kill Thapki to do the work she left incomplete before. Before she could kill Thapki, Thapki exposes Kosi before the entire Pandey family. The entire family gets shocked. Thapki’s plan will succeed and Kosi will get exposed soon. Will Bihaan and Thapki unite after Kosi’s truth comes out? Keep reading.


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