Dadi convinces family for accepting Anika in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz: New twists mark beginning of fresh love tale

Shivay wakes up too early to get Anika back to room, before Dadi sees her sleeping outside near the pool side. He rushes to Anika. He sees her sleeping and tries to wake her up by calling her out. He does not hold her and wonders how to wake her up.

Tia bonds with Pinky. Pinky is very happy seeing Tia in kitchen. She asks Tia to get ready for the ring finding ceremony. Pinky is happy that Shivay accepted Tia as his wife in front of the family. Tia thanks Pinky. Shivay tries waking Anika by playing ringtones. Anika worries for Sahil and gets up. Shivay asks her to come to room before Dadi sees her. As per her words, Anika goes to room. Dadi sends off Tia and talks to Pinky and Jhanvi. Pinky feels bad when Dadi calls Tia an outsider. Pinky argues with Dadi and wants Tia to be her daughter in law. Dadi explains Pinky the meaning of marriage. She asks Pinky will she cover up Shivay’s mistake and support him in wrong. She asks will Pinky undo the relation of marriage.

Pinky and Jhanvi state that Shivay introduced Tia as his wife to the society, and now nothing can happen if they accept Anika. Dadi asks Jhanvi what about Tej and Shwetlana’s relation. She asks Jhanvi if I can accept Shwetlana as daughter in law instead you, if Tej wanted Shwetlana with him and had an affair. She explains Jhanvi how she always accepts Jhanvi as her bahu. Jhanvi understands Dadi’s point. Pinky does not want to accept Anika as her bahu. Dadi reminds how many favors Anika did on them. Anika saved Shivay’s life and reputation before also, and even now she has sat in the mandap to save Shivay’s respect. She asks Pinky and Jhanvi to think how Anika is listening to their bad taunts only for Shivay’s sake.

Dadi blesses Anika to be always a suhaagan and gifts her clothes for the post marriage ritual of ring finding. Shivay asks Anika to get ready fast. He goes to Omkara’s room, leaving his room for Anika. Omkara and Priyanka are happy to be rid of guilt, and celebrate the function well.

Priyanka and Soumya do the arrangements for the ceremony. Dadi is happy that Pinky is agreeing to her now and accepting Anika. Tia does not know what Dadi told Pinky and that Pinky is accepting Anika on Dadi’s insistence. Tia sees Anika wearing the dress made for her. She insults Anika for wearing her clothes and taking her place in her inlaws house. She warns Anika to be away from Shivay. She challenges Anika and is sure that Shivay will do rituals with her. Anika does not care for Tia’s words. Dadi explains the belief on the ring finding ceremony, the reasons for the rituals and the importance. Dadi tells her grandsons that their mothers do not know the importance of rituals.


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