Shivay in dilemma over proving loyalty in Ishqbaaz


Dadi asks Priyanka to put the ring in the bowl. Rudra tries removing his ring. Rudra’s ring falls in the other bowl, which Soumya kept aside. Dadi asks Pinky to get her daughter in law. Tia comes for the rituals and goes to sit.

Pinky stops Tia and politely tells her that Anika will do the rituals. Tia gets upset. Anika sits, while Tia angrily gets away. Dadi thanks Pinky for agreeing to her. She blesses Pinky for understanding the situation. Tia is sure that Shivay will not do the ritual with Anika, because he does not accept Anika as his wife. Shivay comes for the rituals. Tia tries stopping Shivay. Shivay says I have to do this ritual for Dadi’s sake. Shivay sits with Anika. Tia sees her plans failing. Shivay and Anika try finding the ring. Rudra tells Soumya that he is finding his ring which fell in the bowl.

Soumya helps out Rudra, and even they both do the ring finding ceremony together. Shivay-Anika and Rudra-Soumya find the rings together. Dadi is glad that Shivay and Anika are equal in every sense. She is sure love will blossom between them. Pinky does not believe that Shivay and Anika will fall in love. Dadi tells them that this happened even at her times, her husband and she got the ring together. Dadi tells them about love and its power. Rudra and Soumya fall in same situation and hear out Dadi.

Tia sheds tears to get Shivay’s attention. She confronts Shivay for not taking a stand for her. She asks why did you not refuse to Dadi and do rituals with Anika. She reminds how Anika tried to separate them. Tia says I will better leave from here. He clears he was just doing for Dadi’s sake. She does not believe him and asks why did he share his room with Anika. She asks him to say who is his wife. He asks if she has any doubt on him. He says you are my wife. She asks him to prove it, if he believes on his own words.

Tia goes to spoil Anika’s mood by insulting her. Tia boasts of her richness. Tia angrily hurts Anika. She asks Anika to get lost from Oberoi mansion as Shivay is insulting her many times. She gives a chance to Anika to accept money from Shivay and leave him. Anika reprimands Tia. She insults Tia and asks Tia if you are so rich and have such big house, why did she leave her husband and came here to do second marriage. She asks Tia to go to her husband and inlaws. Tia gets raging by Anika’s reply. Tia asks Anika to win the challenge in next ritual. Anika feels rituals are challenge for Tia. She says I will not regret to lose as rituals and relations are not game for me. Anika is sure to make elders blessings win. Tia plans something big to make Anika out of Shivay’s life. Tia invites guests to check Shivay’s loyalty. What will Shivay do now? Keep reading.


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