Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Raghav goes to explain the situation to Naina. Raghav holds Naina. Naina uses the pepper spray on him and scolds him asking him not to touch her. She gets angry on him and says he had bad intentions to marry her. She asks him not to try to act like her husband.

Raghav screams and asks her to listen to him. Naina asks him why did he do this with her, when she regarded him a friend. Raghav asks her to listen once. Naina did not know the truth. Raghav wanted to tell her the truth. Naina feels Raghav has replaced Veer intentionally. Raghav cares for his eyes. Naina does not help him. Chanchal comes there to their room. Chanchal teases Naina and Raghav for family planning. Naina feels Raghav has cheated her and is very upset.


Gopi has turned into a spy. Gopi follows Sheetal to come place. Gopi wants to save Jaggi from the wrong plotting. She catches Sheetal and confronts her for the doings. Sheetal has blamed Jaggi for molesting her. Gopi takes the spy avatar and tries to make Sheetal realize her mistake. Sheetal is caught at the factory and holds Gopi’s feet. Gopi shows her face and asks Sheetal did she realize how it feels when a guy really misbehaves. She makes Sheetal realize how she has blamed Jaggi without any mistake. Sheetal understands her mistake.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ishita tells Raman that Mani has heard her and Shagun’s conversation. Mani gets to know Shagun and Vidyut were dating in Austria. Shagun scolds Ishita for ruining her life. Ishita says Mani got much angry and left. Raman suggests they should talk to Mani and explain him the truth. Shagun asks Bhallas did they plan this. She scolds Vidyut for ruining her peaceful marriage with Mani. On the other hand, Suhail worries for Ruhi when she does not answer his calls. She climbs up the balcony and goes to her room by window. He sees Ruhi fine and gets relieved. Ruhi and Suhail have a talk, and then Raman comes there to call Ruhi. Raman and Romi beat up Suhail.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Manish’s mother’s entry will be happening in the show. Kartik’s Dadi is the eldest member of Goenka family. Dadi has gone to tirat yatra and came back to Goenka villa. She is superstitious and gets everything done according to mahurat. Suwarna and Surekha meet their mom in law and take blessings. Dadi gets to know Kartik’s state. She gets angry on Suwarna and asks why did she not tell her about Kartik.

She blames Suwarna that they don’t do havan and puja at home, and this is why Kartik is in problem. She teaches Suwarna how to take traditions ahead. She asks Suwarna to stay away from her. Dadi cries and takes Suwarna’s class. Dadi calls Manish and asks him did anyone not tell him about her arrival. She asks him to come home.


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