Suhail gets beaten up by Raman in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita tells Raman that Mani has heard her and Shagun’s conversation. Mani gets to know Shagun and Vidyut were dating in Austria. Shagun scolds Ishita for ruining her life.

Ishita says Mani got much angry and left. Raman suggests they should talk to Mani and explain him the truth. Shagun asks Bhallas did they plan this. She scolds Vidyut for ruining her peaceful marriage with Mani. On the other hand, Suhail worries for Ruhi when she does not answer his calls. She climbs up the balcony and goes to her room by window. He sees Ruhi fine and gets relieved. Ruhi and Suhail have a talk, and then Raman comes there to call Ruhi. Raman and Romi beat up Suhail. They find Ruhi with Suhail and get angry on Suhail. The entire family try to stop the angry men. Raman thinks Suhail has entered the room. Raman scolds Suhail for holding Ruhi. Ruhi tries to stop Raman and Romi. Ruhi gets angry and taunts Raman for being a typical overprotective father. Keep reading.


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