Swara-Ragini plan to end Nikhil and Mansi’s game


Swara and Ragini call some men to get the house renovated. Some goons come to rob Maheshwari house. Nikhil is the head of the goons. Nikhil has a gun and shoots in air. The family get shocked. Nikhil threatens to kill them and asks them to get all the cash and jewelry from the bank.

Mansi and Nikhil have made them house arrest. Swara gets ready to get all the money from the bank locker of Abhimanyu. Sanskar tells Swara that he will come with her. All the cash and jewelry of Abhimanyu is on Mishka’s name in the bank. Nikhil has kidnapped Mishka. Swara asks them not to hurt Mishka. Swara will rob the bank to save Mishka. There will be much adventures when Swara and Sanskar rob the bank for saving Mishka.

Nikhil and Mansi are making Swara and Sanskar helpless to rob the bank. Nikhil wants the money. Nikhil does not want any problem. Swara and Sanskar reach the bank and see the guards. Ragini’s mum Sharmishta comes there to meet them. Ragini signs Sharmishta and tells Nikhil’s truth, that Nikhil has caught Mishka and blackmailing them. Ragini tries giving chits to Sharmishta and others.


She spreads her plan to give sleeping medicine to Mansi and Nikhil to make them sleep. Mansi and Nikhil are also clever, and fail Ragini’s plan. Ragini tries new plans to get free of Mansi’s clutches. She writes a note to Laksh. Ragini is finding some way that they can stop Swara and Sanskar from robbing the bank, and also get rid of Mansi and Nikhil.


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