More drama catching up in Oberoi family in Ishqbaaz


Tia feels humiliated in front of Anika. Tia does not leave from Shivay’s room. Dadi could not make Tia leave and Rudra comes to help in his humorous funny way. Rudra makes fun of Tia and makes her leave. Rudra reminds that now Tia belongs to guest room, as she is the guest in this house.

Dadi tells Shivay not to give Anika’s place to anyone else. She explains Anika never to leave her place for anyone. She assures Sahil’s safety and asks Anika not to worry. Dadi provokes Shivay and asks him what can he do for family respect. Shivay boasts of his love for his family and he can even die and kill anyone for his family respect. Shivay tells Dadi that family respect means a lot to him, he did not love anything more than Oberoi family respect.

Dadi asks Shivay to remember that Anika is his wife and Oberoi’s family respect now. She asks him to accept Anika to stay intact on his words. Dadi has made good tries to bring Shivay and Anika together. Anika does not like to stay with Shivay. She dislikes him by his bad behavior in the past few days. She asks Shivay not to worry, as she will not spoil things and return to room in morning. She just wants to keep Dadi’s heart. She goes to the pool side and cries recalling the forced marriage. Shivay goes to look for her and is hurt recalling his bad deed.


Rudra tells Omkara how he made Tia leave from Shivay’s room. Rudra is happy that Shivay did not say anything to defend Tia. Rudra laughs off on Tia for having no dignity. Omkara gets serious and does not find Tia’s mistake in this situation. Rudra tells Omkara that the one who are perfect and made for each other get married. Rudra and Soumya have an awkward moment by realizing what he said. Soumya tells Rudra that she has to leave now and meet Sahil. Soumya finds Rudra getting understanding and mature enough to keep few things up to himself and not crying like a kid anymore.

Rudra assumes she is saying about their marriage, while Soumya means about the kidnapping done by Rumi. Soumya apologizes to Rudra and blames herself for not alerting him about Rumi before. Soumya weeps seeing Rudra’s wounds. Rudra cheers her up. On the other hand, Sahil’s dream gets true when Dadi sends Soumya to take care of him. Sahil notes down Soumya’s likes and dislikes. He gets happy to spend time with Soumya, as he has crush on her. Sahil gets blushing and imagines a moment with his new crush Soumya. Keep reading.


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