Shivangi manages to cheat Yamini and Sesha in Naagin 2


Kapalika chants the mantras and tells Yamini and Sesha that now Naagin will come in front of them. By the mantras, Naagin Shivangi is dragged to the place and takes Naagin form. Yamini and Sesha get shocked seeing Shivangi.

Shivangi shouts and accepts that she is a Naagin. Sesha says I will see you, even I m a Naagin. Shivangi tells them that she has come to take revenge and she will take revenge from them. Yamini asks is my bahu a Naagin, how is this possible. Kapalika tells them that Shivangi has Shiv blessings and she will not get in control by anyone. Sesha says I knew this, as Shivangi is Shivanya’s daughter. Kapalika has made the mantra circle and surround Shivangi. Shiv ji’s blessing has saved Shivangi.


Shiv ji’s blessings made them confused when Shivangi takes avatars of Yamini, Akhilesh and Sesha and say I m also a Naagin. Shivangi is captured, but they all could not see the real avatar. Shivangi takes multiple avatars to confuse them. They all think the Naagin is taking their avatars and now maybe Naagin has taken Shivangi’s avatar also. They get confused whether Naagin is Shivangi or someone else. Kapalika has sent Mahish after Shivangi to get her killed. Shivangi saves herself, but Rocky meets with an accident.

There are many secrets about Mahish. Mahish has come as Naagin’s Kaal and will be joining Yamini’s group. Shivangi is fearless and tells them that she is not scared of anyone. Shivangi attacks on all of them and manages to escape. Yamini has sent Rocky and Shivangi to the temple to take blessings as its their one month marriage anniversary. Rocky and Shivangi meet with an accident, and Rocky hits an old lady. There will be new twists, as Sesha is planning all this to break Rocky and Shivangi. Keep reading.

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