Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Kasam:Rishi and Tanuja have a similar moment. Rishi’s heart says Tanuja can’t cheat him and she does not want to go, but his mind says Tanuja is just acting and wants to leave him.

Rishi tells Tanuja that divorce will be good for her, she can go to her lover and its easy for her. He asks her to face problems in present, and then be happy in future. Tanuja gets sad seeing Rishi’s trust breaking. Tanuja gets upset. Rishi has given divorce papers to Tanuja. Tanuja has kept karwachauth fast for Rishi. Rishi comes to her. Tanuja sees his face through the net. Rishi angrily throws the round net and hands over the divorce papers.


Surbhi meets Abhishek in the cafe. Surbhi agrees for the marriage. Surbhi wants to do marriage for Soumya’s sake, but she is still doubtful. Later, Surbhi gets to know Soumya has gone missing.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Simar is sure that Anjali will manage her inlaws house well. Prem also believes Anjali’s values. Anjali thinks how to manage her mum in law. Anjali and Khushi meet. Khushi asks Anjali to control her mum in law, by controlling Vikram first. Anjali eats non veg in inlaws house, which irks her mum in law a lot. Her mum in law scolds Anjali for making the house impure. Anjali announces that there will be two kitchens from now on and divides the house.

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Bhaiya ji insults Chakor and proves that Chakor is a drug addict. Chakor worries and leaves from the village. Suraj goes to look for Chakor. Tejaswini supports Suraj and Chakor. Suraj tells Kasturi and Tejaswini that Chakor is taking retirement from her sports career. He tells them that Chakor has gone somewhere. Tejaswini feels its Bhaiya ji’s plan. Suraj asks her not to worry, he will find Chakor. Chakor is not in village and haveli. Suraj is in much tension when he fails to find Chakor. Suraj tells villagers that Bhaiya ji has framed Chakor in dupe test.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki reaches the jungle to find Kosi. Thapki takes her true avatar. Thapki was trying to scare Kosi in the jungle, but she gets caught up by the net trap which was laid by Kosi. Thapki can’t take help from Bihaan. But Bihaan also reaches the jungle. Thapki shouts for help.


Devanshi exposes Kusum and Mohan’s relation. Kusum tries to cover up the matter. She tells the villagers that Mohan was giving proposal to marry Geeta. Kusum asks Geeta to take the decision by thinking well. Geeta initially refuses, but then agrees to marry Mohan. Kusum did not expect Geeta to agree for marriage. Kusum gets angry thinking of her lover going to marry someone else. Kusum decides to do anything to stop Geeta from marrying Mohan.

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