Shocking: Chakor to quit her sports career in Udaan


Bhaiya ji insults Chakor and proves that Chakor is a drug addict. Chakor worries and leaves from the village. Suraj goes to look for Chakor. Tejaswini supports Suraj and Chakor. Suraj tells Kasturi and Tejaswini that Chakor is taking retirement from her sports career.

He tells them that Chakor has gone somewhere. Tejaswini feels its Bhaiya ji’s plan. Suraj asks her not to worry, he will find Chakor. Chakor is not in village and haveli. He is in much tension when he fails to find Chakor. Suraj tells villagers that Bhaiya ji has framed Chakor in dupe test. Bhaiya ji and Ranjana come to village to sprinkle salt on their wounds. He asks why is everyone taking Chakor’s name, when she has not thought of anyone’s hopes before taking drugs. Bhaiya ji angers Kasturi and Bhuvan. He says Chakor has ruined Aazaadgunj’s name. The blame on Chakor gets cleared. Bhaiya ji threatens Chakor to leave the celebrity status to save Suraj’s life. Chakor decides to quit her career to save Suraj’s life, and then left from haveli. Suraj wants to return the favor to Chakor, as she has always made sacrifices for him. Keep reading.


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