Maya fears of past secrets surfacing in Beyhadh


When Arjun and Maya’s picture comes in newspaper, Saanjh scolds him. On the other hand, Maya is scared as she knows who has done this thing. Saanjh fears knowing that her dad has got the picture printed in newspaper.

Maya is also very upset and tensed. She does not want her past to affect her present. Maya sees the flickering lights and gets scared. Saanjh loves Arjun. Saanjh cries fearing to lose Arjun. Arjun consoles her as a friend, and does not know her feelings. Arjun tries to cheer her up. Saanjh always tries to explain Arjun to be away from Maya. Arjun does not care and has no worries. Arjun gets candy floss for Saanjh. Maya has obsession for Arjun, while Saanjh is shedding tears always. Saanjh asks Arjun does he love Maya. Arjun says I don’t love Maya. He is fed up explaining her. He does sit ups to apologize to Saanjh.

Arjun does not want love in his life when he is busy making his career. Saanjh is scared as she knows Maya’s crazy side. Saanjh is worried that Arjun is getting trapped, but Arjun is focused on work. Arjun does not know Saanjh loves him, but he knows Maya loves him, but he does not love Maya. Arjun has no idea what the two girls want from him, and is in own cool life. Keep reading.


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