Much tension around Ruhi’s MMS and Suhail’s linkup in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman Ishita pop a smart strategy in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman and Ruhi have much tension between them, all because of Suhail. The media come to Suhail’s house. Ruhi wanted to tell reporters about her and Suhail’s relation. Raman stops Ruhi from making any announcement.

Suhail announces that Ruhaan will not do his company’s concert. Ruhi gets shocked. Suhail does not want to get Ruhi and Raman to have problems, and makes Ruhi away. Raman was doubting on Ruhi and following her everywhere. Ruhi asks Raman does he not want to know why she has met Suhail, than doubting on her. Ruhi lied to Raman about meeting Suhail. Raman and Ishita spot Ruhi with Suhail. Raman gets angry on Ruhi. Ruhi explains Raman that she has come to chemist shop to take Ishita’s medicines, and met Suhail coincidentally.


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Later on, Ishita is worried and meets Shagun to take her help. Shagun gets angry on Ishita. She says Mani and I are not interested to talk to you. Ishita asks her to listen, as Ruhi is in big trouble. Shagun does not listen to Ishita. Ishita says Ruhi is worried, listen to me. Shagun does not believe her. Ishita says you know I can never lie to you about children. Shagun scolds her for what she did in Australia. Ishita apologizes and tells Shagun to help her, as it’s about Ruhi, their daughter. She says Ruhi is in big problem, someone has made a bad MMS of Ruhi.

Shagun gets a shock and asks why shall I trust you. Ishita says I did all that in Australia for Pihu, and now I have come for Ruhi’s sake. Shagun lets Ishita come inside the house, and is in shock. Ishita says Ruhi came Australia for me, did anyone meet Ruhi there. She asks Shagun if Ruhi stayed with them or did any stranger meet her. Shagun tells Ishita that Ruhi stayed with her in her house, and there was just a lady housekeeper at home. She recalls once she left Ruhi alone at home, when she took Pihu outside. She tells about some heater mechanic coming home when Ruhi was alone at home. Ishita asks Shagun to try to get contact number of the heater repair, so that they can solve this mess. Ruhi does not know about her MMS. She is worried for the pimple on her face and asks Ishita how to go in party tonight. Everyone suggest remedies to Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla makes a lep for Ruhi. Will Shagun and Ishita come together to help Ruhi? Keep reading.


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