Shivay turns surprisingly-friendly with Sahil in Ishqbaaz


Anika prepares to leave for her Pagphere. Dadi compliments Anika’s looks. Jhanvi reminds that a husband gifts something to his wife before Pagphere. Tia asks Shivay what is her surprise. Shivay says the gift for Anika has come, and this is the surprise for Tia too.

Shivay hands over the box to Anika. Anika thanks him. He asks her to first check it and then thank him. Anika gets a big shock seeing the divorce papers, which were expected. Dadi asks Anika to say what is it. Omkara checks the papers and tells everyone that its divorce papers. Shivay says this is the gift for Anika from my side. Tia likes the surprise and hugs Shivay. She asks Anika to sign on papers and just leave from here. She says Anika will never have to come back now, once she signs the papers, she is out of here forever. Soumya surprises Anika by getting Sahil home for Pagphere ritual.


Shivay feels bad seeing Sahil unable to walk like a normal kid. Sahil walks by support and falls down. Anika rushes to Sahil. Shivay recalls taunting Sahil to be handicapped, when Sahil did not get up to help him earlier. Anika gets too worried by Sahil’s fall. Sahil sweetly talks to Oberois. Sahil acts rude to Shivay, as Shivay is also rude to him. Shivay feels guilty to be rude to Sahil, who is differently abled. He calls up his security manager Khanna to ask if he has hurt Sahil on marriage day. He scolds Khanna for badly talking about Sahil. Shivay realizes its his big mistake, he has been remarking Sahil badly always. He feels weak to face Sahil and Anika now. He does not like the changes in him and gets angry on himself for his mistakes.

Dadi asks Shivay to stop Anika, who will never come back. Shivay feels bad over Sahil’s disability. Omkara and Rudra meet Shivay. Omkara asks Shivay to recall the relation with Anika which he had before marrying her. He asks him to think as a human, not the rich man Shivay. He asks Shivay to think as Anika’s friend. Rudra finds Shivay did wrong with Anika. He requests Shivay to stop Anika. Dadi, Omkara and Rudra convince Anika. Shivay stops Anika. Shivay and Sahil have a cute moment with a man to man talk. Shivay agrees to Sahil’s multiple conditions to make Sahil stay with them, and gets friendly with him, surprising Anika.


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