Celebrations, hopes and unions next in Yeh Rishta…


Naira and Kartik meet at the Dargah. Naira prays to get another chance to get her lost love back. Naira organizes a party in Singhania house, as per Akshara’s wish. Akshara wanted the family to be united and happy. Naira does not want anyone to be sad.

Naira sings Akshara’s favorite song and celebrates Mishti’s birthday. The family did not wish to celebrate after Akshara’s loss, but Naira cheers them up telling them that they have to move on, as this is life. Kartik goes to stay with his family for his Dadi’s sake. He finds his room set in the same way in which he left the house. Kartik cries seeing Naira’s painting and is very sad. He hugs the painting and recalls their wonderful time. Kartik comes in the party with Lav and Kush, to meet Mishti and wish her happy birthday. Mishti stops Kartik from leaving and asks him to stay back till cake cutting. Naira day dreams about Kartik. They both have a romantic dance in her dream sequence. Naira tries to apologize to Kartik, but he does not listen. Naitik realizes his mistake and goes to meet Manish. Naitik and elders of Singhania family go to apologize to Manish and Goenka family. There was intense drama when both the families had anger and tension between them. Keep reading.


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