Naamkarann: Avni’s film-making


Asha returns the mangalsutra to Ashish and asks him to leave from her life. Avni is making a movie on their life. Ashish is also playing the role in Avni’s movie. Asha and Ashish play the scene where they get separated.

It was tough for Asha to recreate the scene. Asha’s love for Ashish comes out. Asha makes Ashish leave from the house and breaks down. Asha loves Ashish and cries. Avni hugs Asha. Avni asks Neela to promise she will never break their friendship. Neela promises Avni. Dayavanti forces Neela for marriage as she has promised Hemant that Neela and Ashish will get married. Neela gets torn between Dayavanti and Avni. Asha has hope that something good will happen. Ashish is going to marry Neela. Asha is trying to start a new phase in her life and hopes happiness comes in her life.


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