Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Imli, Vivaan, Suraj and Chakor’s parents plan a surprise party for Chakor to cheer her up after Chakor is proved innocent by passing the dope test. Suraj encourages Chakor to love life every moment and have fun. He gifts Chakor a Winner quote jacket.

Chakor gets glad and thanks Suraj. Bhaiya ji comes in party and tells Chakor that he has done all that and proved her wrong in dope test. Chakor tells Bhaiya ji that she knows well that he has done all this. He asks her to quit her career and announce tomorrow in the press conference. Suraj gets angry and scolds Bhaiya ji angrily, saying he will kill Bhaiya ji today and ends this tom and jerry game. Chakor asks Suraj to leave him.


Raj surprises Rano by giving her gifts and arranging a surprise for her. Rano likes the taj mahal miniature. Raj sings a romantic song for Rano and dance. Raj gets a pram and tells Rano that they will be becoming grandparents now. Raj tells them that he will take the baby in the garden and tell everyone that this is his grandchild. Rano throws the pram and says this is not Rishi and Tanuja’s child, there will be no child. Rishi tries to stop Rano. Rano gets angry. Raj is unwell. Raj does not know what is Rano meaning to say. Rano is willing to tell Raj. Rishi stops Rano.

Naagin 2:

Sesha gets the snake skin and tells Yamini that if they burn the snake skin, the snake will also get burnt. Yamini applies the snake bindi and sings song saying the Naag will get attracted to the bindi. Sesha scares her and laughs. Yamini scolds Sesha and asks her not to come by door. Sesha shows the skin and they burn the skin. Rudra takes the disguise and goes to stop them from burning Shivangi’s Naagin skin. Sesha was taking shortcut than going to Kapalika. Yamini lies and says we were burning some junk papers. Rudra takes Mansi’s avatar and pours water on the fire. Rudra has seen Shivangi in trouble, and then saves her by saving the skin. Rudra takes Akhilesh’s disguise and meets Yamini.


Soumya takes care of Harman. She does the aid to him and bears all tortures by Preeto for Harman’s sake. Harman has chosen Soumya as his life partner. Harman is standing with Soumya always. He asks Soumya what shall I do, if my family mistreats you. She asks him to leave her and re-marry to start a new life. Soumya says everyone will blame me for the property division, don’t do this. Harman says blame was on me also when I kidnapped you instead Surbhi. He flirts with Soumya and compliments her looks.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Vaidehi leaves the house to maintain peace. Piyush did not realize what Vaidehi meant to him. Piyush gets much upset and tells Simar that Vaidehi is more than a friend for him. Piyush feels lost. Anjali’s house also got broken, by Khushi’s plannings. Anjali tells Vikram that she can’t stay with his mother. Khushi tells Simar that she will make her strengths her weaknesses to break them.

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