Omkara and Rudra get distanced from Shivay in Ishqbaaz


Shivay tells Anika that he did not know about Sahil’s condition. She asks what would you do if you knew about it, would you not use Sahil to force me for marriage. She scolds him for using Sahil when she told him many times not to involve Sahil.

She does not believe that his men did not tell him about Sahil. She asks Shivay not to pity on Sahil, as Sahil does not need any sympathy. She understands Shivay is feeling guilty to use Sahil, so maybe he has given place to Sahil in this house. Anika knows Shivay convinced Sahil. She asks him not to use Sahil’s emotions. Sahil loves her a lot and is very protective. She threatens Shivay not to use Sahil again, else she will just ruin him. Shivay tells Anika that even his brothers are important to him, and they should never know the forced marriage truth. Anika asks Shivay to request her.

Shivay asks Anika not to argue and not tell Omkara and Rudra anything. Anika asks him not to be scared, as he has done all this to save family reputations, after all Omkara and Rudra should know how their elder brother can fall low to rise in world’s sight. Shivay warns her not to tell anything to Omkara and Rudra. Just then, Omkara and Rudra come there with upset faces.

Omkara asks Anika why did she marry Shivay. Even Rudra wants to know how did she agree to forced marriage. Shivay tries to cover up his mistake. Omkara asks Anika did Shivay force her and use her weakness to marry her. Rudra asks Anika if Shivay blackmailed her about Sahil. Omkara and Rudra find the entire truth and ask Anika. Anika tries to lie and saves Shivay from getting exposed. Shivay gets surprised and thankful to her for saving him from falling in his brother’s eyes. Anika tells Omkara and Rudra that Tia had run away, so Shivay requested her, so she has sat in mandap to save his family reputation.

Omkara can’t believe Shivay requested Anika. He compliments Anika for covering up husband’s mistake well. Omkara asks if Shivay forced Anika to lie to them. Shivay tries to defend himself. Omkara angrily takes Shivay to expose his bad deed infront of entire family. Omkara and Rudra play the video which shocks the family, and Sahil as well.

Everyone witness how Shivay humiliated Anika, threatened her and forced her to marry him by using her weakness Sahil. Omkara and Rudra feel ashamed that Shivay has done all this. Sahil angrily beats up Shivay and asks for an answer for hurting Anika and forcefully marrying her. Oberois feel much hurt with Shivay’s truth. Anika stops Sahil from beating Shivay, and becomes his shield. Anika takes Sahil to explain him. Sahil calls Shivay a bad man. Anika tells Sahil that situation was bad that time, Shivay isn’t bad. Dadi is ashamed to have a grandson like Shivay. Pinky feels hurt by Shivay’s cheap doings. She is ashamed to meet Anika’s eyes, after he fell so low. She praises Anika who never spoke up against Shivay. Omkara and Rudra get distanced from Shivay. Keep reading.


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