Rudra’s multiple disguises to fool enemies in Naagin 2


Sesha gets the snake-skin and tells Yamini that if they burn the snake-skin, the snake will also get burnt. Yamini applies the snake bindi and sings song saying the Naag will get attracted to the bindi. Sesha scares her and laughs.

Yamini scolds Sesha and asks her not to come by door. Sesha shows the skin and they burn the skin. Rudra takes the disguise and goes to stop them from burning Shivangi’s Naagin skin. Sesha was taking shortcut than going to Kapalika. Yamini lies and says we were burning some junk papers. Rudra takes Mansi’s avatar and pours water on the fire. Rudra has seen Shivangi in trouble, and then saves her by saving the skin. Rudra takes Akhilesh’s disguise and meets Yamini. He asks Yamini about the new necklace. Yamini says this is the snake-skin, it will be used to pick the Naagmani, Sesha was going to burn it, but Mansi saved it. Yamini and Sesha know that Shivangi is human, she is not a Naagin. Yamini has tried all the mantras and checked that Naagin is an ordinary human being. Yamini does not believe Sesha. She is scared that her secret can get out. Shivangi does not have Icchadhari Naagin powers for some time, and Yamini gets fooled by her.


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