Anika justifies Shivay’s step and unites the brothers in Ishqbaaz

Anika's mehendi

Shivay comes to dine with the family. Omkara and Rudra refuse to dine with him. Shivay asks them to have food and leaves. Dadi sees the brothers dividing by this matter. Anika explains Omkara and Rudra that Shivay loves them a lot, nothing is important to Shivay over his brothers and family.

Anika tells Omkara and Rudra that Shivay can ruin anything for them, he can do both right and wrong for them. She explains them how Shivay always supported them and stood by them in bad times. She asks them to be Shivay’s strength again, else Shivay will break down. She asks them why are they judging Shivay, when Shivay never judged their doings to be right or wrong. She defends Shivay that nothing matters to him when it comes to Omkara and Rudra. She reminds Omkara how Shivay protected Omkara from the video chip matter and put her in jail.

She reminds Rudra about Shivay threatening Gayatri for his sake, when Rudra was shot by Gayatri. She tells the family that Shivay has always stood as shield for the family. She says Shivay has never done wrong with family and not let anything wrong happen with family. She asks them not to punish Shivay by annoyance. Omkara asks her what about Shivay doing wrong with her. Anika says I m annoyed with him, we will solve our personal matter ourselves, but they all can’t punish Shivay for this, after all Shivay has forced her to marry for keeping his family reputation. Anika justifies Shivay, while Shivay could not speak up.

Anika asks the family to thank Shivay and value him for what he is. Anika does have food as Shivay did not have food. The family understands Anika’s words and melts towards Shivay. Anika rises in Pinky’s eyes. Shivay witnesses all the great words Anika spoke in his favor to clean the blame on him and gets indebted to her again. Omkara and Rudra come to apologize to Shivay and patchup. Shivay fails to meet their eyes. He apologizes to his brothers. Omkara and Rudra realize they have hurt Shivay’s heart. Shivay feels the same. They all understand the mistake done by them. Omkara apologizes for breaking Shivay’s heart by ignoring him till now.

The brothers have an emotional moment. Rudra cries and asks Shivay not to leave him alone. Omkara and Rudra’s emotional speech calls Shivay for a brothers’ hug. Shivay explains Omkara that he has done a mistake and he accepts it now. He asks them to always forgive him for the mistake. He says they can fight with him, but they should never ignore him. Shivay can’t see tears and hatred for him in their eyes. Rudra asks Shivay to always share things and not take all stress alone. Omkara asks Shivay not to keep any secrets now. Anika is happy seeing the brothers happy. Omkara and Rudra thank Anika for uniting them. Anika joins the Oberoi’ brothers group as she truly deserves to be part of their family. Keep reading.


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