Shivay disappoints family and gets ‘villain’ tag in Ishqbaaz


Shivay gets scolded by everyone for his bad doings. Shivay falls in everyone’s eyes and has ashamed them. Shakti feels Shivay has done a disgusting thing. Tej always supported Shivay in his decisions.

Tej is also much disappointed by Shivay and says I have much to learn from you. He asks Shivay how could he use a little kid and a girl’s emotions to keep up their image and reputation. Tej and Jhanvi do not respect Shivay any more, after seeing the video of Shivay mentally harassing Anika and forcing her to marry. Rudra calls Shivay a villain and is hurt as Shivay has broken the superhero image. Rudra asks Shivay why did he break their hearts and trust. Rudra feels Shivay was protective of them being their elder brother, but today he is scared of Shivay, who has done such bad thing to use someone’s weakness for his benefit.

Omkara is upset for Shivay’s doings and reminds his warning before. Everyone was proud of Shivay before, and today they all get ashamed of Shivay. None could imagine that Shivay could fall so low. Omkara does not give any chance to explain and calls his doings inexcusable. Omkara and Rudra get distanced from Shivay. Shivay feels sad that everyone is angry and annoyed with him now. He thinks of the pain he has given to his family and even Sahil. Shivay cries. Anika sees Shivay in pain and cries. Omkara and Rudra can’t believe what Shivay did, and find him very much wrong. Shivay comes to talk to his brothers and end the gap by explanation. Omkara and Rudra do not get ready to listen anything. Shivay recalls their promises of togetherness and good time. Anika spots Shivay crying and feels hurt seeing his tears.

Sahil is hurt and cries as he could not protect Anika well. Anika has hidden such big thing from him so that he does not get hurt. Sahil feels bad for being incapable. Anika tells Sahil that he is a good brother and asks him not to think anything. Sahil is Anika’s family and friend.

Anika explains Sahil that elders do foolishness, everyone makes mistakes. Sahil asks shall we not beat Shivay for his mistake. Anika asks Sahil to take rest. She says its boarding school’s first day tomorrow and asks him to get prepared. Anika talks to Oberoi family to defend Shivay’s move. Pinky turns good towards Anika. She asks Anika to dine with them, and not do any work. Pinky apologizes to Anika for Shivay’s mistake. Anika gets a place in Oberoi family by her humble nature and goodness, while Shivay loses his place by his bad doings. Keep reading.


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