Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Shakti:Soumya is facing troubles by Preeto every day. She decides to convince Harman for second marriage. Harman gets a shock when Soumya asks him to remarry. Harman asks Soumya who will marry him. He asks her not to say about this again.

Soumya keeps on insisting and asks Harman to remarry. Harman says I agree to you always. She asks what did you agree. He says I have been drinking bitter kada and agreeing to you since many days. Soumya cries and tells him that she can’t take his family ahead, she can’t give him his child as she is a kinner. She asks Harman to think of having a child and remarry. Harman tells Soumya that if he remarried, his new wife will never bear Soumya and kick her out of the house. He says Preeto and his other wife will trouble Soumya more. He asks Soumya not to worry for his heir, as he has no demands from their relation.

Naagin 2:

Shivangi tells Rudra about the snake skin. Rudra returns the skin and tells her that Yamini had it, and Sesha was going to burn it. Rudra has saved the snake skin. Rocky throws it outside by mistake and Yamini-Sesha get it. They try to burn that thinking its Naag’s skin.

Shivangi tells Rudra that she was burning in fire and thanks him for saving him. Sesha argues with Avantika and asks her to come, so that they can go and get Naagmani. She has got the fake keys of the locker by which they can get Naagmani. Avantika tells Sesha that she will not come to wait for Yamini. Avantika reminds Sesha that they are animals, while Yamini is a human and can’t be saved from them. Sesha asks Avantika not to keep sleeping, else they will lose Naagmani. Yamini takes class of Sesha, Avantika and Kapalika.


Devanshi writes an essay on black money and understands what it is actually. Rajjo explains her well. Devanshi spots a money sack and tells everyone what she discovered. Her attempt goes waste, as they all find junk in the sack. Devanshi takes Vardaan’s help in this matter, after they both have turned friends to make Mohan a good person, so that Geeta and Mohan can get married.

Kusum and Mohan make a plan to stop Mohan and Geeta’s marriage by using Sarju’s voice on the marriage day. Kusum plans to cheat everyone and fool Geeta by Sarju’s spirit drama in order to command Geeta not to marry Mohan. Devanshi goes to find the black money sacks and wants to expose the person behind it, unknown that Kusum is the fraudster. Kusum makes efforts to stop Devanshi and save herself.

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Sasural Simar Ka:

Roshni has come to Simar’s house. Simar gets surprised seeing Roshni. Khushi has invited Roshni. Khushi is planning to get Roshni and Piyush married, as Roshni loves Piyush a lot. Khushi has insulted Vaidehi and made her leave from the house. Khushi wants Roshni to come her bahu. Roshni makes halwa for Piyush. She is trying to impress Simar and Piyush. Piyush is in love with Vaidehi. Simar likes Roshni, but she loves Vaidehi more. Simar will make Vaidehi her bahu and fail Khushi’s plans. Vaidehi has resigned from job and left Bharadwaj house. Roshni gives halwa to Piyush. He does not have halwa. Roshni realizes Piyush has Vaidehi in his heart. She will try to win his heart.


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