Pardes – Raghav and Naina’s relation gets fine


Raghav saves Naina from the blizzard. He asks Naina to come along. Naina refuses and calls him a bad person. Raghav accepts all blames and lifts Naina to take her home. Raghav tries to impress Naina. He makes a small kitchen in his room.

He was finding Naina worried and having trouble to have food every day. Raghav leaves a note for Naina, and writes he has done this for her ease, and now she does not need to go out to have food. Raghav apologizes to her. Naina gets a smile on her face. Raghav leaves instruction notes for all the boxes. He makes cute arrangements which impresses Naina. Raghav makes a tea for Naina, as per her likes. Naina calms down for some time. Raghav comes home and tells Naina that he has got such ideas from indian serials, which he used to see with Dadi. He tells Naina that she should have convinced him, but here he is convincing her. He asks her about the tea. Naina says it was good.

Raghav’s attempts succeed to clear their misunderstandings. Raghav jokes to make Naina smile. Naina says none is laughing on your jokes. Raghav does stupid things and cheers Naina. Raghav and Naina are staying together, and now Naina is forgiving Raghav as the time is passing. Raghav is concerned for Naina. Though Naina feels Raghav cheated her, their friendship did not end completely. Everything will get fine between them. Keep reading.


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