Big twists around Chakor’s retirement in Udaan


Bhaiya ji had framed Chakor in doping before, and now Chakor is proved innocent. Suraj and Bhaiya ji are against each other. Bhaiya ji keeps a condition in front of Chakor to quit her career.

Chakor calls the media and announces that she has taken retirement. She has broken her dreams by her hands. She is shattered. She tells media that now she is married and has a duty towards her inlaws family now being the elder bahu. Chakor becomes numb after she does this to save Suraj’s life. She leaves from the haveli. Bhaiya ji is very happy and laughs on Chakor, whose career of marathon runner has ended today. He tells Ragini that he has ended Chakor’s identity now.

Suraj gets angry on Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji threatens him and asks him to start worrying now, as his shield is gone now. Suraj says I never needed any shield, I m not afraid of you, if anything happens to Chakor, I will not leave you. Bhaiya ji says the game will have fun now, as Chakor is not between them to spoil the fun. He gives some hours time to Suraj and asks him to run away from haveli, and he will catch Suraj again. He tells Suraj that no one can save you now. Suraj and Imli rush to find Chakor in the village. Suraj is very concerned for Chakor and can’t see her in problem. Chakor will come out of this low phase and get victorious again. Keep reading.


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