Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Naagin 2:Rocky is doubting Shivangi. There is no cure of his doubt. He asks Shivangi what’s going on, why did she keep Karwachauth fast. He says I love you, but I know you will leave me.

He asks her not to make things tough for him, as he has to manage things alone after their divorce. Shivangi tells everyone that she will keep fast for Rocky. Rocky and Shivangi’s relation is facing problems. He says Yamini does not know about the problems and what’s going on between Shivangi and Rudra. She asks Shivangi why is she doing this to break their trust. Shivangi does not speak up and pushes him angrily. She starts scolding him for blaming her for no fault. She asks how can he blame her, there is nothing between her and Rudra. She reminds Rocky what he did when her death news came to him, he was going to marry Ruchika, and did she ask him what is going on between him and Ruchika.


Bhaiya ji had framed Chakor in doping before, and now Chakor is proved innocent. Suraj and Bhaiya ji are against each other. Bhaiya ji keeps a condition in front of Chakor to quit her career.

Chakor calls the media and announces that she has taken retirement. She has broken her dreams by her hands. She is shattered. She tells media that now she is married and has a duty towards her inlaws family now being the elder bahu. Chakor becomes numb after she does this to save Suraj’s life. She leaves from the haveli. Bhaiya ji is very happy and laughs on Chakor, whose career of marathon runner has ended today. He tells Ragini that he has ended Chakor’s identity now.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Anjali tells Vikram that she wants to do modelling, as its her childhood dream. Vikram allows Anjali for her happiness and agrees to her wish. Simar asks Anjali to keep the values and house’s prestige. Anjali cares a damn and begins her career in modelling.

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Tanuja does the puja along with the family. Tanuja loves Rishi and keeps Karwachauth fast. She is not able to say the pregnancy truth. Rishi keeps Raj away from the matter. Rishi does not want Raj to guess what’s the problem. Rishi and Tanuja went court to take divorce, and divorce did not happen. Rishi talks to Malaika. She spoils the things and asks Rishi to break her fast. Rishi tells her that he is married to Tanuja, and asks her not to keep fast for him. Malaika says I m sure you will marry me, after giving divorce to Tanuja. Rishi is troubled by both Tanuja and Malaika.


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