High Five Spoilers

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Chandra Nandni: Chandra and Nandini do the post marriage rituals. Dadi gifts a special gift to Nandini. She hugs Nandini and asks Chandra to make Nandini wear the ancestral bangles. Chandra unwillingly makes Nandini wear the bangles. Helena gets jealous and angry seeing them.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Dadi does drama and wants to take Pragya home. Pragya feels she is responsible for Abhi’s state. Dadi talks to Purab on call and asks him to just hear her drama. She asks what, Abhi’s breath has stopped, what will happen now. Pragya hears Dadi and asks is Abhi fine. Pragya gets much restless. Dadi says I was acting to see if Pragya cares for Abhi or not, and now I got the answer. Dadi explains Pragya that Pragya can never be unlucky for Abhi. She asks Pragya not to leave Abhi in trouble, if Pragya goes, Abhi will be in more problems. Dadi convinces her to come home. Pragya hugs Dadi and goes back to Mehra house.


Soumya requests Preeto not to make Harman away from family. She says I m ready to do anything you say. Preeto keeps condition and asks her to get Harman married to Surbhi.

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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:

Raja and Rani get wounded. They have run away from police. They reach the point where they can’t get saved. Rani asks Raja to surrender to police. Raja gets shot and falls down the cliff. Raja saves Rani and hangs down the cliff. Rani holds his hand and asks him to come upwards. Rani asks him to hold hand well and tries to pull him. Raja’s hand slips and he falls down the cliff. Rajmata comes there with police. Raja has left Rani forever. Rani gets a big shock and asks Rajmata to leave her, she will also jump down the cliff as Raja is waiting for her. Rajmata hugs Rani and asks her to be strong. Raja and Rani’s story gets incomplete.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Aaliya is angry and comes to Bhalla house. She asks Mrs. Bhalla why do the family men not care and value their life partners. She asks why the men dominate their wives, do they have no time for their wives, they shout on women and do not care for others. Mihika calms down Aaliya. Aaliya complains about Adi, who left her in restaurant and never accept his mistakes. She says Adi never says sorry to her. She asks why is men dominating, Raman always shouts on Ishita, Romi also gets angry on Mihika, and even Adi is like this. Aaliya gets hyper. Mihika and Mrs. Bhalla pacify Aaliya and ask her to go home, as Mani will be worried for her. They ask Aaliya to come tomorrow for talk.


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