Dadi’s dramatic attempt to unite Abhi-Pragya in Kumkum Bhagya


Pragya comes to temple to pray for Abhi’s life. She feels Abhi’s life is always in danger because of her, so she should not leave from his life. Dadi meets Pragya at the temple and asks her never to think such thing again.

Dadi does drama and wants to take Pragya home. Pragya feels she is responsible for Abhi’s state. Dadi talks to Purab on call and asks him to just hear her drama. She asks what, Abhi’s breath has stopped, what will happen now. Pragya hears Dadi and asks is Abhi fine. Pragya gets much restless. Dadi says I was acting to see if Pragya cares for Abhi or not, and now I got the answer. Dadi explains Pragya that Pragya can never be unlucky for Abhi. She asks Pragya not to leave Abhi in trouble, if Pragya goes, Abhi will be in more problems. Dadi convinces her to come home. Pragya hugs Dadi and goes back to Mehra house. Keep reading.


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