Rocky and Shivangi’s relation falls in trouble in Naagin 2


Rocky is doubting Shivangi. There is no cure of his doubt. He asks Shivangi what’s going on, why did she keep Karwachauth fast. He says I love you, but I know you will leave me.

He asks her not to make things tough for him, as he has to manage things alone after their divorce. Shivangi tells everyone that she will keep fast for Rocky. Rocky and Shivangi’s relation is facing problems. He says Yamini does not know about the problems and what’s going on between Shivangi and Rudra. She asks Shivangi why is she doing this to break their trust. Shivangi does not speak up and pushes him angrily. She starts scolding him for blaming her for no fault. She asks how can he blame her, there is nothing between her and Rudra. She reminds Rocky what he did when her death news came to him, he was going to marry Ruchika, and did she ask him what is going on between him and Ruchika.

She asks how can he ask her about Rudra. She says you will never ask or say anything, tell your family why you are making me leave, I m not wrong and I will not accept any wrong blame. They both fight. Rocky and Shivangi get sad, and misunderstanding still exists. Rocky sleeps on the ground, after water fells on the couch. After Rudra sleeps, Shivangi goes to meet Rudra. Rocky wakes up and asks what’s happening, Shivangi just said there is nothing between Rudra and Shivangi, and now she has gone again. He goes to see what’s the truth.

On the other hand, Rudra fools Yamini by showing Naagmani. Rudra lifts the Naagmani in hands. Yamini is very happy and asks Rudra to handover the Naagmani to her. Sesha and Avantika come there and fight with Yamini and Akhilesh Yamini argues with Sesha. She puts blame on Akhilesh that he has forced her to come here and get Naagmani. Akhilesh asks her to stop the drama. Rudra disappears with the Naagmani. Keep reading.


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