Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira follows Kartik to convince him. Naira and Kartik get caught by the goons on the way. Naira came to the lonely road to follow Kartik. Kartik’s spiritual thread falls in her house. She goes after him to give the thread.

Kartik is caught by goons and asks Naira to leave from here. Naira does not leave. Kartik asks her to sit in-car and leave. He does not want goons to catch Naira. Naira scolds the goons and gets ready to fight with them. She argues with goons and beat the goons, but goons kidnap Kartik and Naira. Kartik and Naira get tied. They both run away with Naira by tricking the goons.


Raghav and Naina have big misunderstanding. Sanjana is pregnant with Veer’s child, and meets Raghav. She cries and tells him about her pregnancy. Raghav consoles her. Sanjana hugs him. Naina sees them at the cafe and assumes something wrong. Naina is hurt knowing this news. Naina hears that Raghav is father of Sanjana’s child. Raghav tried to do something good, and gets misunderstood by Naina again. Naina is upset. Raghav was also shocked knowing Sanjana is pregnant, and wanted to help her. Naina asks Raghav why did he lie to her again. She wants Raghav to be honest to her. Raghav thinks how to help Sanjana. Raghav used to love Sanjana before, and he tells Sanjana that he will surely help her. But, this will increase distance between Naina and Raghav.


Daksh gets angry and turns psycho. Daksh’s true colors come out in front of Anika. He is the villain of Shivay and Anika’s love story. Daksh makes Anika faint. He sees Shivay and hides Anika in Oberoi mansion. Daksh hides till Shivay leaves and then takes Anika. Anika gets kidnapped by Daksh. Shivay gets to know that Anika is kidnapped by Daksh. He feels terrible that he did not believe Anika and behaved madly with her. Shivay will not leave Daksh now, after knowing Daksh had been stalking Anika and trapping her to get engaged by having a good image. Daksh’s misunderstandings get cleared in Shivay’s mind.


Urvashi cries and apologizes to Gopi. Gopi knows the truth that Jaggi is not Ahem’s murderer. Kokila cries and asks Kanha ji to get Jaggi punished and give her justice. Urvashi thanks Gopi for standing with Jaggi. Urvashi tells Kokila that if its proved in court that Jaggi is murderer, then she will punish her son.


Neela and Ashish are getting married. Its Neela’s mehendi rasam going on. Dayavanti is very happy. Neela does not get Ashish’s name written. Avni has comes there with NGO kids. Avni has come to do shooting. Dayavanti spots Avni along with the NGO kids. Dayavanti asks Ketan to lock Avni in the room. Avni is making movie on her life. Neela got to know truth of Dayavanti and Ashish and wants to expose them. She wants to help Avni to get justice. She plans to get Avni at home along with NGO kids. Aladin takes disguise and comes there to make the movie scenes. Neela, Aladin and Avni plan to shoot the story of Mehta side. Neela does not want to marry Ashish, but she has to show fake happiness to Dayavanti.


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