Chandra-Nandini’s relation turns more bitter


Chandra and Nandini’s brother have a sword fight. Nandini’s brother kills Satya. Nandini tries to stop her brother, but fails. Chandra asks Nandini how can she forget his hatred when he spoke nicely with her.

Chandra tells Nandini that he will ruin her family now. He asks Nandini to think of her sister’s pain. His sister has lost her would be husband Satya. Chandra swears that he will ruin her. He hurts Nandini and asks her to imagine his sister’s sorrow. He says I will give worst death to your father now. Chandra is mad in anger and will not spare Padmanand’s life now. Nandini accepts that her brother has done a big mistake. Chandra is very much angry and kills Nandini’s brother. Nandini cries a lot and is sorrowful over her brother’s death. Chandra tells her that he will not leave his anger this time. She apologizes and begs him to forgive her. He says you and your family have to bear punishment for what your father and brother did. Chandra tells her that he will do justice. He says your tears will not melt my heart, better save the tears for your father’s death.They both are burning in revenge fire.



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