Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Sasural Simar Ka: Anjali has stolen money so that she can do modelling. She does not get money from inlaws. Anjali steals money and gets exposed. Vikram’s Tai ji scolds Anjali. Vikram asks Anjali and his Tai ji to stop arguments.

The jeweler of Agarwal family comes home and gets the ancestral necklace. Vikram’s Tai ji says this is like our ancestral necklace, which is in our locker. Jeweler tells Vikram’s Tai ji that Anjali has come to sell the necklace. Anjali denies to know that man. Anjali tells Vikram that jeweler is called here to put blame on her. Anjali says Tai ji has done all this, as Tai ji can never accept her. Simar and Prem come there and get shocked seeing the drama. Vikram thinks whom to support, Tai ji or Anjali. Khushi has taught all the wrong planning to Anjali. Anjali does all the drama and laughs. Anjali may rectify her mistakes later.

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Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Aditi and Dhruv are happy. Aditi is pregnant. Vasundara keeps the godh bharai function for Aditi. Everyone congratulate Dhruv and Aditi. There is new member coming in Pandey family. Dhruv and Aditi are going to become parents. Everyone gifts Aditi. Bihaan gifts Vaani a red dupatta. Thapki does not accept it and scolds Bihaan. Sankara wants to make Vaani away from Bihaan. She calls two men in servants’ disguise. She asks them to kidnap Vaani. Bihaan comes and asks the men who are they. Sankara says they are servants, I called them to help in party tonight. Bihaan doubts on them and asks them not to do anything wrong. He goes. Sankara asks the men not to fall in Bihaan’s sight and kidnap Vaani.


Rano tells Rishi about Tanuja’s pregnancy. Raj asks her whats the truth. Rano tells Raj that she will show the truth to him today, as there is much to tell him. Rano gets the pregnancy report to show Raj. Rishi and Tanuja get worried. Rano wants to kick out Tanuja from home by exposing Tanuja’s truth to Raj. She asks everyone not to stop her today. Rano wants to say that its not Rishi’s child, as Rishi and Tanuja got recently married. Rishi does not want the happiness to get ruined. Rishi snatches the pregnancy reports from Rano. Rano argues with Rishi. Rano does not want Tanuja at home. Raj’s friend comes home and greets them. Raj’s friend gets a proposal of his son for Raj’s daughter. Raj and Rano attend the guests, and Rishi saves Tanuja.


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