Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Pardes: There is big melodrama in Mehra family. Sanjana’s pregnancy news has come out. Pam is very angry and asks Sanjana what will she answer her sister now. She asks Sanjana to leave from the house as she will not let anyone bad to stay here.

Raghav comes in between and explains Dadi not to make Sanjana out. Dadi agrees and asks Sanjana to stay back. Ira tells Naina that Sanjana had filed molestation blame on Raghav and then took the matter back, but something was between Raghav and Sanjana, else why would he take her side. Ira says Raghav was mad about Sanjana, he lied to Naina and played game with Naina and Veer to get them married, so that he can impress Dadi and marry Sanjana. Naina cries when her break trusts. She is told a different story by Ira. Naina thinks if Sanjana is really pregnant by Raghav’s child.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Naira comes to Singhania office and is helping Naitik to manage the work. Naira asks the staff to cooperate with her and teach her things, as she wants to help out Naitik. There are many responsibilities on Naitik.

Naitik falls unwell by work stress. Naira sees the workers upset and clients blaming Naitik. Naira takes the decision to stop all wrong things and solve everyone’s problems. Clients demand to meet Naitik. They say Naitik can’t sit being in sorrow over his wife’s death, what about their loss as they have invested in company. Naira and Gayu see the clients arguing. Naira tells the clients that she will take all responsibility now. Naitik is not able to move on over the sorrow.

P.O.W. – Bandi Yuddh Ke:

Mrs. Khan asks Imaan to decide himself about his marriage with Nazneen. She tells him about Nazneen not accepting Salim’s love and marriage proposal as Nazneen did not know she is a widow or not.

Mrs. Khan feels proud of Nazneen and ashamed of Imaan for cheating Nazneen. Imaan decides and breaks the marriage with Nazneen, by telling her about Nandini. Nazneen slaps Imaan and walks off. Salim asks Imaan why did he spoil everything by speaking truth. Imaan finds he has done right and thinks of uniting Salim and Nazneen. Nazneen is angry on Salim for hiding this matter for 17 long years. She feels cheated by both Imaan and Salim, and tells Salim that she does not want anyone in her life now.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ruhi tries to make family happy. Ruhi cooks the food and asks the family to sit back and enjoy the food. Ruhi wants to convince Raman. She wants Raman to permit her to do Suhail’s concert. She asks Raman to permit for concert, and she will listen to him always.

Raman asks is she mad. Ruhi says it will be Suhail’s big loss and asks him to think well. Raman does not give her permission. Ishita consoles Ruhi. Ruhi asks Ishita not to console her and instead explain Raman. Ishita asks Ruhi to stop it and understand Raman. She scolds Ruhi for not understanding them. Abhishek comes to Bhalla house to arrest Raman.


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