Ruhi impressed by Suhail’s big favor in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ruhi tries to make family happy. Ruhi cooks the food and asks the family to sit back and enjoy the food. Ruhi wants to convince Raman. She wants Raman to permit her to do Suhail’s concert. She asks Raman to permit for concert, and she will listen to him always.

Raman asks is she mad. Ruhi says it will be Suhail’s big loss and asks him to think well. Raman does not give her permission. Ishita consoles Ruhi. Ruhi asks Ishita not to console her and instead explain Raman. Ishita asks Ruhi to stop it and understand Raman. She scolds Ruhi for not understanding them. Abhishek comes to Bhalla house. Raman and Ishita ask the matter. Abhishek asks did any fight happen here yesterday night. Raman has beaten Suhail. Suhail does not complain about Raman, but Suhail’s sister complains to police about Bhalla family beating up Suhail. Ishita tells Abhishek that Suhail came to Ruhi’s room by balcony window and Raman reacted and beaten him up, as any father would do. Police comes to arrest Raman. Suhail treats Bhallas as his family. When Suhail knows about Raman’s arrest, he comes to Bhalla house and takes complaint back. Raman is much worried for Ruhi. Ruhi gets impressed by Suhail. Suhail apologizes to Raman. Raman permits Ruhi for the concert. Is this Suhail’s plan to trap Ruhi? Keep reading.



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