Naira and Kartik undertake family duties in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta Tonight Akshara connects Kartik and Naira

Naira comes to Singhania office and is helping Naitik to manage the work. Naira asks the staff to cooperate with her and teach her things, as she wants to help out Naitik. There are many responsibilities on Naitik.

Naitik falls unwell by work stress. Naira sees the workers upset and clients blaming Naitik. Naira takes the decision to stop all wrong things and solve everyone’s problems. Clients demand to meet Naitik. They say Naitik can’t sit being in sorrow over his wife’s death, what about their loss as they have invested in company. Naira and Gayu see the clients arguing. Naira tells the clients that she will take all responsibility now. Naitik is not able to move on over the sorrow. Naira asks the clients not to leave their belief on their company. Naira explains everyone and takes work in her hands. Naira goes to meet Naitik, and asks him not to be sorrowful, as Akshara is always in their hearts. Naira supports Naitik in his work. Naitik is happy with Naira becoming responsible. Kartik’s younger sister comes back home. Kartik happily hugs her. Kartik is going to do new job. Dadi wishes him all the best for his new endeavors. Manish is happy and wants Kartik to manage his company from now on. Will Manish be able to make terms good with Kartik? Keep reading.


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