Anika gets hurt by Shivay’s disgraceful blame in Ishqbaaz


Anika asks Shivay to clear the matter if he has any annoyance or something disturbing him. Anika tells him that Tia is wrong. He tells Anika that he will only believe Tia. She asks him to see things happening around.

He tells her that Anika broke his trust before and he will not give her a chance to break trust again. He calls her a good actor who acts of goodness and honesty. He says I would have easily believed your innocence, if I did not see you that day, but luckily I know your truth. Anika asks him to say what is he hiding. Shivay does not want to confront her. Anika stops him. She asks him to tell her what he did. He feels ashamed to speak out what she did. He does not want to tell her about Daksh and her relation. She asks him to speak out the blames he has in his heart. She prompts him to tell her. Shivay confronts her for breaking his trust.

He makes Anika away from him. He gets angry and shouts on her telling her about that day, when she stayed back at Oberoi mansion. He asks Anika how can she point at Tia, when she is herself a characterless girl. He asks her what she did with Daksh. Anika asks him to say what did she do. Anika does not understand. Shivay speaks out finally and tells her that she has spent a night with Daksh in Oberoi mansion, and to top it all, she has done this for the sake of money. Anika cries and asks do you really think so that I can fall so low. Shivay calls her cheap character girl. Anika gets hurt by his mistrust. Shivay says you have taken 15 lakhs from Daksh, and that’s not a little amount for a middle class girl.

Anika angrily goes to slap him. Shivay stops her and asks her not to dare. Anika says you insulted me a lot till now, but today you words have broken me. She tells him that he has killed her today by his blame. Shivay asks her to stop acting. He says you broke my hope that you will prove my mindset wrong. He tells her how much hurt he was seeing her with Daksh. He calls her a gold digger. He asks how can she sell herself to Daksh. He says Daksh bought you, and this is your truth. He tells how much he hates her because of her mistake. Anika shatters after Shivay’s trust on her breaks.


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