Daksh back with more madness and vengeance in Ishqbaaz


Tia does Dushyant’s last rites. She blames Anika for his death, as Anika was following her and that made her hide him in the pool. She aims to destroy Anika and make her life hell.

She promises her husband that she will always love him and will seek revenge for his death. She is sad that Anika made her husband away, and now she will make Shivay away from Anika. Tia gets mad.

Anika comes home and is sad over Shivay’s mistrust. Daksh is already present in her home. He holds her feet when she tries to run away. He lets Anika free for a moment. Daksh comes face to face with her, and reveals his truth to her. Anika gets a big shock knowing Daksh was mentally harassing her till now. Anika recalls how he was trapped her in the relation by scaring her life out. Daksh tells Anika that he is back now, which she would have not expected so soon. Anika asks did you attack on me before.

Daksh says I have come to attack again. He asks Anika is she so foolish to not understand anything. He tells how he has threatened her to make her accept his marriage proposal. Anika asks him the reason for this deceive. Daksh tells her that he did all this to get her in his life. He asks why did she not agree to him before, and why did she marry Shivay now. He says I love you a lot while you are always seeing Shivay. Daksh hurts her. He asks her how can she marry Shivay after getting engaged to him. He vents his anger out on her. Anika asks how did you know about my marriage. Daksh says I have always kept an eye on you. He shows the scary doll, which has a camera in her eyes. He says whatever happens in this house, I get to know everything by this doll. Anika gets another shock.

Shivay realizes he has hurt Anika today for her cheat. He feels hurt when Anika cried today. Daksh asks her why did she cheat him by marrying Shivay. He asks her about the ring he gifted her. Daksh madly hurts her and tells her that she will get punished for her deceive. Sahil does not find Anika and asks Shivay about her. Shivay has no idea where she went. He asks Sahil to wait for her and not worry. He suggests Sahil to call her and find out. Sahil calls Anika. Daksh breaks her phone and does not let Anika get a chance to talk. Anika angrily slaps Daksh, which makes him more mad. What will Anika do now? Keep reading.

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