Shivay’s misunderstandings finally gets cleared in Ishqbaaz


Daksh has kidnapped Anika. Sahil asks everyone where is Anika. Sahil does not get her anywhere. Sahil cries and asks Shivay why does everyone call Anika bad. He tells Anika is not bad, she is very bad.

Shivay consoles him and says no one sees Anika right, everyone are fools to think she is wrong. Sahil says even you are stupid. Shivay says even I m a fool, where is Anika. Sahil says Anika is not answering, if anything happens to her… Shivay hugs Sahil and says nothing will happen to Anika till I m there, I will get Anika back. Sahil asks Shivay to promise him. Shivay promises Sahil.

Shivay goes to Soumya and asks her how did she know Anika is in Daksh’s room that day, when she was sending tea for Anika. Soumya says I knew Anika was there, as she was with me, I was scared that day and was not getting sleep, I called Anika home, so that she can stay with me, we both were in Daksh’s room, I was getting bad vibes in my room, Anika was with me to make me feel better, she spoke to me all night. Shivay gets shocked by this. Shivay’s huge misunderstanding gets cleared by Soumya’s clarification.

Daksh sees Anika when she is at home. Anika doubts that someone is watching her. Daksh has played safe and did not get in doubt. Anika doubts if Daksh is the one stalking her. Daksh went from her life for some time. Now, Daksh returns to make Anika sure that he was doing all that to scare her.

Daksh troubles Anika the same way and reveals his face to her by removing the mask, which shocks Anika. Anika gets terrified. Daksh is a psychopath. He is obsessed with Anika. Daksh says I will not leave Anika this time. Daksh asks Anika how can she betray her fiance and marry Shivay. Daksh gets angry on Anika. Anika tries to run away from her house and reaches Oberoi mansion to tell Shivay, but Daksh kidnaps her. Shivay takes Randhawa’s help to find out Anika. Daksh’s truth will come out. Keep reading.


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