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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Raman and Ishita are worried for Ruhi’s MMS. They get clues against culprit and try to find out that person. Meanwhile, Romi, Adi, Mihika and Aaliya get drunk in Christmas party and try covering up their state from elders.


Naina’s misunderstands got cleared. Naina and Raghav cook together and romance. Naina cooks by heart and makes desi food. Naina praises her cooking. He helps her out in work. Raghav tastes the food and tells Naina that it’s really good. The staff has gone on strike. Naina and Raghav take duty of the food arrangements. Raghav asks Naina why does she initiate to take the work when there was no need. Naina does a wife’s duty to help out Raghav. Naina does big favor on Raghav by forgiving him. Sanjana and Veer are going to get married.

Naagin 2:

Shivangi tries to end Rocky’s annoyance by confessing love to him. She hugs Rocky and asks him to clear all his doubts. Shivangi loves him. Rocky is angry and makes her away, as his doubt got more serious. Shivangi is adamant and tries to impress Rocky. Rocky thinks why is Shivangi doing such things. It’s actually Sesha in Shivangi’s avatar, who is romancing Rocky. Sesha always does so, by taking Shivangi’s avatar to get close to Rocky. Rocky sends her away. Shivangi is outside and does preparations for Karwachauth. Everyone celebrates Karwachauth, but Yamini, Avantika and Sesha find the Naag who has killed their partners.


Its Surbhi’s birthday. Soumya wishes Surbhi on her birthday. Soumya tries to explain Surbhi to marry Harman, as Preeto has sent Soumya for this. Before Soumya could tell Surbhi, she gets to know that Surbhi loves Abhishek and will be marrying him. Soumya will convince Surbhi later. Varun knows Soumya is Surbhi’s weakness. Varun kidnaps Soumya from the party. Surbhi goes to find Soumya.


Shivay looks for Anika and finally finds Anika locked in the glass block, in which the water level is increasing. Anika is getting close to death with the levels getting higher with time. Shivay gets shocked seeing Anika. He shouts to her.

Anika and Shivay feel a storm of emotions on seeing each other. Shivay tries hard to hit on the glass and break it. Daksh tries to stop Shivay. Shivay and Daksh get into a fight. Shivay gets a rod to break the glass block, but it does not break. The water levels get high. Daksh laughs and tells Shivay that if Anika does not love him, he will not let her love anyone else. Daksh wants to kill Anika as she did not accept his love. Daksh tells Shivay that Anika will be bidding bye to them. Shivay asks Daksh to leave Anika, as Daksh’s fight is with him. Daksh shouts on Shivay and is mad to kill Anika in his obsession.


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