Sesha re-attempts to separate Shivangi and Rocky in Naagin 2


Shivangi tries to end Rocky’s annoyance by confessing love to him. She hugs Rocky and asks him to clear all his doubts. Shivangi loves him. Rocky is angry and makes her away, as his doubt got more serious.

Shivangi is adamant and tries to impress Rocky. Rocky thinks why is Shivangi doing such things. It’s actually Sesha in Shivangi’s avatar, who is romancing Rocky. Sesha always does so, by taking Shivangi’s avatar to get close to Rocky. Rocky sends her away. Shivangi is outside and does preparations for Karwachauth. Everyone celebrates Karwachauth, but Yamini, Avantika and Sesha find the Naag who has killed their partners.

Later on, Shivangi is attacked by someone mysterious. Shivangi collides with the man and does not know he has a gun. The man shoots Shivangi and runs. Shivangi doubts that Rocky is that guy. Meanwhile, Sesha is angry on Rudra, for ruining her Karwachauth. She thinks to find the Naag and kill him, for ruining her fast kept for Rocky. Shivangi thinks of Rocky’s love. She says why am I seeing love in Rocky’s eyes and falling for her, why did his love look true. She then thinks that Rocky tried to kill her after killing her mother. She finds Rudra’s opinion on Rocky true. She thinks to find some answers soon and end her dilemma over Rocky. Keep reading.


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