Tom & Jerry chase for Suraj begins in Udaan


Bhaiya ji challenges Chakor to find Suraj. Chakor is finding Suraj everywhere. Chakor finds a room locked and goes there. Bhaiya ji’s goon stops her and asks her to leave. Chakor explains Suraj to cooperate with her, and emotionally blackmails him about Tejaswini and Imli.

Vivaan and Imli go to divert the goon by arguing with him, while Chakor goes inside the room by window. Vivaan and Imli demand the goon to open the door. The goon refuses. By Vivaan and Imli’s help, Chakor reaches the room. Bhaiya ji aims pistol at Chakor. Bhaiya ji has hidden Suraj. Chakor gets Bhaiya ji in that room and falls in trouble. Chakor did not succeed in freeing Suraj from Bhaiya ji. Later on, she fools Bhaiya ji. Chakor tells Bhaiya ji that she has found Suraj and freed Suraj. She says I have made Suraj far away from you. Will Bhaiya ji fall in Chakor’s trap and speak out Suraj’s real location? Keep reading.


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