Veer and Sanjana’s grand marriage next in Pardes


Naina’s misunderstands got cleared. Naina and Raghav cook together and romance. Naina cooks by heart and makes desi food. Naina praises her cooking. He helps her out in work. Raghav tastes the food and tells Naina that it’s really good.

The staff has gone on strike. Naina and Raghav take duty of the food arrangements. Raghav asks Naina why does she initiate to take the work when there was no need. Naina does a wife’s duty to help out Raghav. Naina does big favor on Raghav by forgiving him.

Dadi announces Sanjana and Veer’s marriage in a grand party kept by Sudha. Sudha tells the guests that their princess is Sanjana. They all celebrate. Raghav gets humiliated in the party. Sanjana and Veer taunt Naina and Raghav in front of the guests. Naina does not get affected by the taunts. Naina is happy that Sanjana is not pregnant with Raghav’s child and misunderstanding get cleared. Naina is glad that Raghav is innocent. Sanjana and Veer are going to get married. Keep reading.


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