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Devanshi:Devanshi brings a change in Kusum’s house by making Ishwar sit on the head of the family’s chair. Ishwar takes Kusum’s place and gets owner’s rights after many years, all thanks to Devanshi. Devanshi asks Kusum to have leftever food of Ishwar, as Kusum is Ishwar’s wife and follows old traditions.

Kusum gets angry and unwillingly does so to keep up her image of Mata Kusum Sundari. Mohan makes Kusum realize that Devanshi is the one who has always created problems for them. Kusum also feels that Devanshi is trapping them in their own plans. Kusum is angered by Devanshi’s presence.


Shivay reaches Anika’s house to know about her. He finds the broken phone and gets worried doubting there is something wrong. Daksh makes his doubt certain by calling him. Daksh asks Shivay why does he look in stress.

Daksh sees Shivay on the camera feeds. Shivay realizes Daksh is watching him and asks Daksh how does he know his presence in Anika’s house. Daksh says I know everything, he has technology at his service. Daksh tells Shivay that he has been stalking Anika till now. Shivay gets a shock. Daksh calls Shivay and Anika very adamant to marry even after he has planted misunderstandings in between them. Daksh admits that he lied to Shivay to make Shivay away from Anika, but Shivay married her.


Amba is proud of Mannu. Bebe asks Amba to get her duaghter Manpreet in the village competition. She promises Amba that she will give Shah chair to Manpreet, if she wins in the competition. Harjeet and Sushila make things tough for Mannu to win, by cheating Mannu in every round. Bebe wants to break Amba’s pride. Amba wants to prove Bebe that Mannu will keep up mother’s belief that girls are equal to boys. Will Mannu be able to become Waaris?

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Neela had to sit in mandap unwillingly. Neela and Ashish got married by Dayavanti’s insistence. Neela is unhappy and crying. Even, Ashish is hurt and upset. Ashish is culprit in Neela’s eyes. Ashish is drunk and tries to lessen his sorrow. The marriage gets completed by all rituals. Avni records the marriage for her film.

P.O.W. – Bandi Yuddh Ke:

Both the POW’s wives get tired of the circumstances. Harleen signs on the divorce papers. She tells Indira that Sartaj will come back to her very soon and holds belief. Sartaj is unaware of Indira’s truth. Sartaj wants to prove his trust to Indira and marry her, but Indira has others plans of getting the secrets out. Salim tries hard to unite Imaan and Nazneen, but fails miserably. Imaan is hurt knowing Nazneen and Salim’s relation did not form because of him and feels guilty. Sartaj goes to meet Imaan at his home. He meets Nazneen and realizes his mistake of leaving Harleen. Later, Imaan asks Sartaj to go back to Harleen. Vikram tries new tactics to make Imaan and Sartaj speak up the secrets they are supposed to be hiding.


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