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Pardes: Raghav and Naina reach the court to defend Dadi. Their relation is facing tough time before anyone could expect. Asha comes to the court and meets Naina and Raghav. Asha praises Raghav and is proud to have him as her son-in-law. Asha finds Mehra family really good.

Rajeev and Chanchal wanted Naina to take divorce. But, Naina and Raghav’s relation get more strong. Naina has supported Mehra family and accepted Raghav as her husband. Naina tells that Rajeev was confused seeing her tension at in-laws house, and he filed case by misunderstanding. Naina withdraws all blames on Indu Mehra and Raghav Mehra. Dadi assures Asha that she will never let Naina and Raghav get separated. She says if Naina comes in tension, Raghav will come in tension, then think what will happen of me. Naina wanted to save Dadi and could not say the marriage truth, that happened by cheat.

Naagin 2:

Shivangi had to reach temple with Rocky for puja, but knowing Rudra is in problem, Shivangi leaves to save Rudra first. Shivangi goes missing. Rocky tries to find Shivangi in the jungle. He asks Shivangi to forgive him once. He shouts I love you a lot Shivangi and asks her to come back. Shivangi is stuck in problem.

Mahish has attacked Rudra. Shivangi risks her life to save Rudra. Rudra was injured by Mahish’s hit. Shivangi and Rudra save each other when they fall in problems. Their friendship binds them. Shivangi fights with Mahish and breaks the horns to free Rudra. Shivangi gets injured and faints.


Soumya begs Preeto not to ruin Surbhi’s life. She apologizes and tells Preeto that she can do anything and leave house, but can’t make Surbhi marry Harman. She says I will go away from Harman’s life. Surbhi reaches Soumya’s room and does not find her.

Surbhi asks Harman where is Soumya. Harman does not know where is Soumya and finds her everywhere in the house. Harman gets worried. Harman gets Soumya’s letter and the torn painting. Family reaches there. Harak asks Harman to read letter aloud. Harman reads the letter. Soumya writes, Harman is in problem because of her, so she is going away from him. Harman angrily tears letter and can’t believe Soumya left him. Harman and Surbhi are worried. Preeto acts normal and asks them to come for breakfast. Preeto is happy and asks family not to think of Soumya now. Preeto’s plan works out. Harman and Soumya get separated always.

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Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi is drunk and has new problems in his life. Abhi acts stupid in drunken state. He sings song and acts weird. He tells Purab that he is not drunk. Purab and Pragya are with him. Purab talks to inspector and gets Abhi freed. Tanu had made Abhi drink. Pragya holds Abhi and makes him sit in car. Pragya and Purab take Abhi home. Purab saved Abhi from Tanu’s plans. Aaliya challenges Purab that she will separate Abhi and Pragya. Aaliya says she will get bigger plan and break Pragya and Abhi’s love story. Purab asks her to do anything if she has courage. Purab accepts challenge and tells her that till he is with Abhi and Pragya, none can separate them.


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