Shivay and Anika to team up against Tia in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz: Finally Shivay accepts his marital bond

Shivay apologizes to Anika and hugs her. Shivay has saved Anika’s life and got her back home. He has belief that Anika will forgive him with time and all the annoyance will end in her heart. Shivay and Anika are coming close. Shivay stops Anika from going away.

Shivay finds reason to romance. He breaks the shirt button, so that Anika stitches his shirt button. Anika stitches the button. Shivay helps her in threading the needle. Anika tries to help him, but creates more problems for him. It’s like a filmi scene to express love. Anika shows tashan and boasts of her skills. Shivay says you can’t even thread the needle. Anika does not know stitching button, and Shivay helps her. Anika says it’s not a big deal to stitch a button, but it happens that one does not know to do it. She tells Shivay that she gets tension for small things. She finds hard to accept that she can’t stitch the button.

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Shivay likes Anika’s arguing, stupid language and her unique language. Meanwhile, Tia has trapped Shivay by the pregnancy blame. Shivay is upset and is worried for business. Shivay is in much tension after Tia’s step, which could defame him.

Anika diverts his mind and does drama to change his mood. Anika tries to cheer him up. Shivay laughs by her talks. Anika will not let Tia succeed in trapping Shivay. Anika tells Shivay that she knows Tia’s child is not of Shivay. She believes Shivay’s innocence in the matter. Anika is very well aware of Tia’s truth and the fact that Tia is married. She says Tia is pregnant with someone else’s child and wants to blame Shivay. She knows Shivay will scold her now after she is speaking against Tia. She says I will follow Tia and keep an eye on her to expose her truth. She asks Shivay to scold her, but not stop her this time. Shivay does not scold Anika, and asks her to do what she wants. Anika will expose Tia’s plans now. Shivay will be supporting her this time. Keep reading.


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