Shivay closes Daksh’s chapter; Tia’s drama to begin in Ishqbaaz


Shivay tries to apologize to Anika. Anika avoids him. He asks what’s her problem. She asks Shivay did he ask her once if Daksh said true or not, how can he hold a wrong opinion about her.

She asks Shivay to maintain distance from her, as she is a liar, characterless and gold digger, being a middle class girl, while Daksh is from a rich family, he can never be wrong.

She asks Shivay why did he put the blame on her. She says your misunderstanding ruined my respect, you have doubted on my character. Shivay wants to explain. Anika asks him to just stop it now, as he has insulted her a lot. She says you have snatched my self-esteem and respect from me. Shivay can’t see her crying.

He asks her to talk to him once and stop crying, else the problem can never get solved. Anika refuses to talk to him. Shivay says I will end her annoyance, she has to talk to me. Pinky is upset seeing Anika. She does not know how Shivay rescued Anika. Pinky calls Anika a problem for them. Anika does not know why Pinky is miffed. Pinky tells Anika that Daksh has exposed her doings in front of them. Jhanvi tries to calm down Pinky. Pinky calls Anika a cheap character girl. Anika gets hurt. Shakti asks Pinky to stop it. Pinky insults Anika.

She says Daksh told everything about Anika. Pinky asks Anika to get lost from Oberoi house. Shakti tells Omkara and Rudra have gone to get Dadi home. Pinky finds it good that Dadi is not here. Anika sadly agrees to leave. Shivay stops Anika and pays her honor which she deserves. Shivay does not let Anika go. Pinky says you don’t know about Anika.

Shivay tells them that Daksh is a psychopath, he was obsessed with Anika and was tracking her, he tried to kill Anika after knowing about her marriage with me. The family can’t believe it. Shivay tells Daksh has crossed limits by eyeing Anika badly. He says I believed Daksh when he said bad about Anika, it was my mistake, Daksh is in jail now. Pinky believes Daksh and calls Anika a drama queen. Shivay asks Pinky will she not believe her son. Pinky does not believe Anika. Shivay says I trust Anika. He asks the family to end the matter. Shivay ends Anika’s annoyance a bit and apologizes to her. Tia’s fake suicide and pregnancy drama will begin next. Keep reading.


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